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Video Producer & Documentary Photographer

A spontaneous, full-of-life, life-loving, music enthusiast from Helsinki, Finland.
Seeking event photographs or videos?

You've come to the right spot. 

I'm a multi-creative in video production with a burning passion for video editing.
Six years of experience from TV and media industry: both in  video editing of TV trailers
as well as an freelance videoproducing and color grading  for TV,  media and advertising companies.
Specializing in documentary photography and videography.

Content creation, production and SEO for YouTube Travel Channel and TikTok.

Enjoys being in her discomfort zone as that’s where one develops the most.


  Video Editing  eg. TV trailers, commercials, trailers, brand films, event videos, YouTube

  Videography  eg. behind the scenes films, interviews, events, brand films, TikTok

  Photography  especially documentary and event photography

  Color Grading  DaVinci Resolve/Premiere Pro

  YouTube  conceptualization, content creation, SEO


 Love letters & fan mail 

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+358 50 407 5511

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